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Friday, September 6, 2013

Photo Friday: Nap time? What's that?

I spy 6 little legs
They climbed up and cuddled all by themselves.
My little reader...can't wait until he can read his new ABC book!

Logan was cutting grass, so Landon pulled up a chair and kicked his feet up to watch. Old man.
Landon has been boycotting his naps which has led to this...falling asleep mid-meal.

Marley spends half of her day in this chair, and Landon has started to join her. I don't think Marley appreciates it too much.
He was so proud that he could walk in Mommy's flip flops! Haha.
Sneak peek to the twin gender reveal party we had this week for my brother and sister-in-law! I'll post about it soon :)
Where's Landon??
Tired boy. BUT WHY WON'T HE SLEEP?? (He had a cold earlier in the week and I'm thinking he may have an ear infection now so we're going to the doctor today.)
He refused to nap in his crib yesterday so I tried to feed him (it was lunch time), and next thing you know...dozing off. What.the.heck.
Mr. Independent feeding himself yogurt. He's getting better at it, at least...
Aaaaand that was dinner last night. Falling asleep again. Hoping it's just an ear infection that's disturbing his sleep! Say a prayer please :)

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