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Friday, October 11, 2013

Photo Friday: food, shoes, and fun

Pizza! One of his faves
This picture's quality stinks but just wanted to show you my babies and the silliness I endure daily
At Lauren & Alex's last weekend! He was mesmerized by the cats
Mmmm chick-fil-a. Best place to take a kid! Seriously, their customer service impresses me every time.

We're not getting a cat, Landon. Sorry. (Daddy says no!)
Wedding fun
Well this little guy (our friends' baby) decided to fall asleep on me at the reception and totally got my baby fever going. Love baby cuddles!
Soooo maybe I shouldn't leave my heels out where Landon can get them...
Best buds!
Before the red beans! Another fave.
After! He started off great with the fork and then it went downhill from there

He can wear my tennis shoes. Those are better than heels.
Play date fun! He was "talking" on a toy phone.

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