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Friday, October 4, 2013

Photo Friday: train, festival, and teeeeeth

These pictures are all shapes and sizes and directions (some are from my phone and some are from my camera) and I'm sorry but I don't feel like fixing them. :)
Waiting in the train station!
All aboard for Landon's first train ride!
He kept peeking at the lady behind us
This was the lounge car and Landon would not cooperate for a selfie
Give a toddler a balloon and it will occupy him FOREVER. Okay more like 10 minutes. But that's good enough for this tired momma ;) Thank you genius Mexican restaurant.

This boy loves the outdoors. And his super cool cow watch from Chik-fil-a.

Pops and Landon

 Landon and Mimi

I walked to the car to get his stroller and I came back to this
 Max was helping him color :)
Proof that this boy is teething! Ahhh.
I just put a stool in our guest bathroom for the 3-year olds I babysit and now Landon wants to climb it every time I go to the bathroom. And he HAS to wash his hands if I'm washing mine. Silly boy.

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