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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Birthday bash/reunion

We threw my grandma (Dad's mom) a big ol' party for her 80th birthday. I've been calling it a family reunion since it's seriously the first time in years that EVERYONE on my dad's side of the family was there. So much fun.

Okay, don't hate me for starting off with pictures of my babies...

 These babies were too cute together (Move back, Jess, MOOOOVE BAAAACK)

 I love our house and its huge garage. That we don't park in. Because we're weird. (Okay, really it's because we don't have an automatic opener. We'll change that one day...)
 Landon was cruising around on this motorized thingy and loving it

 Y'all, I can't host a party without having some kind of decoration. Is that bad?
 And what's a family reunion in Louisiana without some seafood?!

 We took pictures of the whole group but those are on my cousin's much fancier camera. So all you get is my immediate family. We're awesome, though, so it's okay. ;)
 William's face is priceless!
 MoMo loving up on Marley

 Ryley took it upon herself to feed Landon cake and ice cream. Too sweet.
 You're never too old for a wagon ride.

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  1. Aw! So so so sweet!

    Yes! I echo you! COME BACK JESS! (Although I'm smitten with Carolina mountains.)


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