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Monday, November 18, 2013

Twins Baby Shower!

I just HAD to plan a twins shower for my nieces, because, um, they're my nieces. And there's 2 of them. And my brother needs some more pink in his house. ;)

Thanks to my mom, my sister, and our friends for their help! I couldn't have done it without them all. I love to party plan, and Logan and I have joked about starting our own business buuuuut I've decided that it just would not work. Because I'm a perfectionist and would lose my sanity.

Anywayyyyy. Here are some pictures from the shower this past weekend! And yes, I will bore you with the details.

People signed their name on a label to make it easier to write down who gave Lindsey what. And we did a baby spin on the traditional clothespin shower game. Those are tiny pacifiers on the necklaces....pink, of course!

I'm a little bummed because I forgot to take pictures of the other game...I created a "Twin Trivia" test to see what everyone knew about twins! It was cute, I promise (at least I think so!).
2 babies means lots of diapers and wipes are needed! So we did a diaper raffle and gave away prizes!

The diaper table

I just realized I didn't take a close up of the diaper cake, so I got this off my phone. Not going to lie, I'm proud of this baby! Thanks Juli for your help :)
Lots of prizes :)
Lots of good food :)
The punch deserves its own picture because it was so pretty and yummy. Thanks Caroline!
The bakery kind of messed up the cake (um, why did they write the words so small?!) but it still looked good! Thanks Ashley!
Dessert table and shower favors. Those two onesies in front of the stuffed animals were actually worn by my sister and me when we were babies! Since you know, we're twins and all. :)

My sister and her craftiness made earrings as one of the party favors and we had pink lollipops for another party favor.

Candy buffet. Need I say more? (And is it completely obvious that we went with pink and turquoise colors for the theme?)

Julianne made some super cute wreaths that served a dual purpose - centerpieces on the tables and can be hung in the nursery later on! A for Amélie and L for Leah! Ashley found some perfect letters that can also be used as nursery decor.

Gifts! This was before many people arrived. She got a lot of stuff :)
She's heeeere!

Some of Lindsey's family drove 2 hours to come!

Yay, babies! We all can't wait to meet the little ones (including the baby boy in my cousin's belly!) :)
And now I need a break from party planning!


  1. This is SO freaking adorable!!! It wasn't until well into reading that I remembered you're a twin. *face palm* No wonder you're thrilled about these little ladies! Yay for girls in the Madere family!

  2. Thanks, Lauren! Haha, yeah, a lot of people forget :) My brother knows what he's in for after growing up with twin sisters...

  3. You've got THAT right!!


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