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Friday, December 27, 2013

Photo Friday: Christmas edition

I left the room to take care of a dirty diaper and he helps himself to some crackers.
Post-nap hair
Left these guys for a minute and they help themselves to a snack. Feeding it to each other and everything. I really need to stop leaving food around...
We went to a birthday party and Landon was worn out when we got home. He didn't even mind that I put him on the living room floor!
We spend most of our time these days hanging out on the futon. Darn nausea.
Landon has unfortunately figured out how to undress himself. He took his shirt off 3 times and his pants once. Thankfully, though, it appears that it was a one-day thing. Whew.
Christmas Eve! Logan made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.
He shoved an entire pancake in his mouth
Christmas Day! I surprised the guys with some donuts since I don't ever buy them
Our Christmas present to Landon was a basketball goal! He loves it :)
The guys spent the morning playing with new toys.
Meanwhile, this needy dog was cuddling with me on the futon.
About to go to Noanie and Paw Paw's house for lunch!
My phone takes sucky pictures sometimes and I don't feel like getting the good one off my camera, soooo...yeah. Christmas Day family picture!
Paw Paw took this tired boy for a wagon ride...
...and he couldn't resist a nap. So sweet. 

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