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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 6 (almost): and so it begins!

Guess what we saw today?
Yep, that's the baby in my belly. So very tiny. But we saw the little heart beating! Makes me wonder how the heck people can think abortion is okay. I'm barely 6 weeks pregnant, and CLEARLY this is a human life. (Okay, maybe it's not so clear based on the picture, but on the ultrasound machine there was no doubt that there was a heartbeat)

So. It was actually kind of funny because Dr. H seemed very skeptical at first that I was even pregnant, based on the date of my last period. Because you know, my cycles are usually super long, which he knows. And he was hesitant to do an ultrasound (even though he really wanted to), because there was a chance we wouldn't see anything. But I reminded him about last time and promised I wouldn't be disappointed if we didn't see anything. I mean, I know I'm pregnant. Every time I smell something and my stomach turns, I'm like yep, there's a baby in there.

So yeah. Dr. H wants to do pretty much the same thing as last pregnancy, cerclage and all. He doesn't want to risk it, since I have a history of incompetence cervix. And that's totally fine. I'd rather be safe than sorry! Yes, it sucks knowing I get to have a needle in my back (spinal! fun!), and technically it is a surgery, but I know without a doubt that it helped bring Landon into this world safely. God-willing, the same thing will happen with this baby.

Dr. H wants to do another ultrasound in 2 weeks to get an accurate due date. I think. Assuming Dr. C takes our new insurance (I keep forgetting to call and ask),  I'll be seeing her again too this pregnancy. If not, Dr. H will send me to another perinatologist.

And that's that. For now ;)

Thank you SO MUCH for all of the prayers and encouragement! Love you guys. :)


  1. Good news! It's funny that he didn't quite believe you, though.

  2. Totally! He asked if I was pregnant, and I'm like "Uhhh...according to a pregnancy test, I am!"


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