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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week 8: "normal pregnancy"

Our upside down baby

Our right side up baby (once the tech switched to an abdominal ultrasound). Looks a little bit like a sea creature but that's okay :)

So. Baby looks good, had a strong heartbeat at 172 bpm, and is actually measuring at 8w6d. Which is 4 days bigger than it should be if we're going by my last period. Because of that and the fact that I'm not completely sure of when I ovulated, Dr. H still hasn't given me a due date. He said we will just average everything next time around. So, unofficially, this baby is due between July 24-28. Let's just say the end of July. Maybe on my birthday!

Based on the ultrasound, Dr. H said it looks like a "normal pregnancy." Yay. The ultrasound tech checked my cervix and it looks good right now! Whew. Dr. H wasn't going to send me to Dr. C until the 2nd trimester, but then I reminded him that it was at 11 weeks last time that I was on bed rest until they put in the cerclage. So I'm going to see her in 3 weeks. Hopefully my cervix will still be good then. Dr. H said it's possible that the last cerclage scarred up my cervix (which could help it staying shut), but there's just no way to know if that's happened.

And in case you were wondering, the nausea and vomiting is still going strong. Seriously, if one thing is going to stop me from having many more children, it's not going to be bed rest, a cerclage, or a c-section. It will be the darn morning sickness - that lasts all day. Sigh.

But all is well! Baby is healthy and my cervix is cooperating so far! :)

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