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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ethics...always so complicated

About an hour after I posted yesterday, Dr. H gave me a call. He had talked to Dr. C, and she wasn't wavering on her opinion about everything. I'm not surprised (I'm a little nervous about seeing her at my next appointment because we didn't do the CVS like she wanted). Thankfully, though, Dr. H totally understands all of my concerns. He thinks that if the blood test comes back negative, we should go ahead and put the cerclage in and then get an amniocentesis done around 16 weeks. I asked him if getting an amnio made him nervous (because it makes me really nervous with my cervix), and he said "not as nervous as getting a CVS." Sooo that's a little bit of a relief.

When I brought up what would happen if the blood test is positive, Dr. H seemed hesitant to say anything and just said we would be getting into the ethics of it. Which is the hard part. He did tell me to think about what I wanted to do if something was wrong with the baby. And I have thought about it - it's just convincing my doctors that will be the problem! If the test is positive, I'm sure we will have one of those not fun ethical discussions and I'm afraid that….well, maybe I shouldn't worry about it unless I have to...

So yeah. I'm calling Dr. H's office on Friday (per his request) to see if they've gotten the results by then.  Although I don't think we will find out until next week. Until then, please pray for guidance for Logan, myself, and my doctors. Thanks so much :)

And on a more positive note, Logan and I met our nieces last night! We love love love them. They're so tiny and precious!

Logan and Leah
Amelie and me

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