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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gender reveal! It's a….

Let me just start by saying I have the best family and friends ever, because Logan and I provided the king cake (yes! king cake!) for our gender reveal and my people provided everything else (lots of yummy, yummy food). Seriously, they are the best. Everyone was impressed that we threw a decent party together so quickly, but really, it was my sister-in-law, mom, and friends. Thank you so much ladies! Love y'all!

So, I had the idea to do a king cake because you can only get them a certain time of year….it was almost too good to pass up. People wore either a pink or blue Mardi Gras bead depending on if they thought it was a girl or boy. I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of that because I am not the creative type. At all. ;)

Honestly, Logan and I have been thinking lately that it's a girl. This pregnancy seems pretty different than the last two. Then today I started thinking, "But what if it's a boy?!" Of course, we would be happy either way. But we really, really had been thinking girl. And I think 90% of the people who came to the party thought girl too!

Okay, enough blabbering. Here are the pictures!

 I was so nervous. Do I look nervous?
 We lifted the first piece….no filling! Cut another piece…still no filling! So we had to dig. (I was starting to get nervous Logan picked up the wrong cake! Lol)
 Blue! I don't know why Logan looks like he's running away from me, but I promise I was not attacking him with the knife ;)
Too bad we didn't cut this piece first! Ha.

We were definitely surprised at the outcome, but not disappointed! I have now given Logan permission to redo Landon's safari/jungle room theme into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I told him way back when he could only do that if we had another boy). And we know Landon will love love love having a baby brother! He already loves his boy cousins.

A son in heaven, a son with us, and a son in utero. God is good, my friends. :)

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