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Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Friday: cold weather = craziness

This is what happens when you refuse to nap, Landon.
Ninja turtle birthday party for Landon's friend Eli! Gotta love the matching shirts :)
Some days this kid is out of control! I was sitting at the kitchen table and turned around to see this. At least he's cute...
One of my good friends gave Landon a big brother book and he loves it!
Sometimes this kid is crazy and other times he sits and plays with a toy for awhile. And then I bust out my camera phone and he looks up and says "cheeeeese"
And sometimes he grabs my phone himself, holds it in front of his face and says "cheeeeese"
Yesterday Landon woke up on the wrong side of the bed and NOTHING made him happy. No exaggeration. So we busted out a new toy (it was supposed to be his 2nd birthday present, oh well) and it actually helped! Desperate times call for desperate measures, people. ;)

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