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Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Friday: pretty ladies, potty adventures, and a goofy boy

These little girls are way too cute
Family time has been limited this week so we just hung out in bed on the morning we could sleep late!
Landon tells us when he poops now so we've been putting him on the potty more. Fun fun fun (I'm still not ready for this)
Maybe we should stop with the chocolate chip pancakes...
One day Landon told me twice that he had to potty and then he actually used the potty, so I attempted training pants the next day. He loved them…but no success. If I wasn't pregnant, tired, and nauseated, I would totally try again - but for now we're just going to keep putting him on the potty and hold off on training pants until he's more consistent.
He lounges in this chair during his TV time. Old man.
Landon picked out his clothes this day. Not too bad of a job ;)
Landon and I were walking out the door and I had a diaper bag in my hand…so Landon grabbed this brown bag that was sitting by the door. Because obviously he needed a bag too.
Watching the fire with his cousins
Marley totally takes advantage when Logan is working the evening shift (he kicks her out the bed and she knows it) - when I'm brushing my teeth before bed she makes herself comfortable in the middle of my pregnancy pillow.

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  1. LOVE the king cake idea!! Wow - THREE BOYS!!! Your family sure is heavy on the males. Congrats!


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