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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Juuuust some randomness

I've been feeling like writing about everything and nothing all at the same time. And I know that doesn't make sense but that's the way my brain has been working lately. Get ready for some randomness.

After realizing that I cannot keep throwing up (I haven't even gained 5 lbs so far), I started taking the progesterone the "other way" instead of orally. And it has definitely helped with the nausea. The progesterone must be working too, because I haven't felt any cramping since I started taking it. My uterus is still irritable and tenses up a lot, and every now and then I feel pressure, but overall - things are better. Praise God.

I know I wrote about how I'm going to lose my mind during this pregnancy, and that is still true…but I'm thinking Logan will lose his mind too. And he's going to make me lose my mind even more. Because he kind of freaks out when I walk up the stairs too fast (in his opinion) or when I try to do too much (in his opinion). We went to Costco today to stock up big time and he wanted me to ride in an electric wheelchair. Um, no. No, I will not.

Of course I'm taking it easy for the most part, and I feel like I am the most unproductive person on the face of the planet right now because of it. Logan does almost all of the shopping these days but Costco is not your average store and it was just easier for me to go too. But of course they had samples galore and I was totally sucked in by most of them. Well played, Costco. Well played. The good news is this pregnant gal will not starve. The bad news is we have no more grocery money left this month. Yep.

I feel like I'm being ridiculously random right now (and maybe not making much sense?) but oh well….potty-training. We're still putting Landon on the potty daily but haven't had any more success. And that's okay, because he's still young. If I wasn't pregnant I'd probably push it even more because he knows when he poops - he just doesn't want to sit on the potty to do it. But whatever.

I really, really need to find some motivation to do some productive things while I sit on my butt most of the day. There are many things I could do - read, crochet, write, etc - but somehow I get sucked into the TV and my laptop. WHYYYY? I've started to turn off the TV more (and it's hard to resist, sad to say), but I'm still having trouble actually wanting to do anything else…which is weird, because they are activities I actually enjoy. But somehow when you're physically lazy (i.e. put on modified bed rest by your husband), it's hard not to be lazy in every other area of your life. I struggled with it when I was pregnant with Landon, and this time it's that much worse because I'm even more tired with Landon running around. Ahhh. St. Michael, defend us in battle!

Landon and I may or may not have watched the movie Ratatouille about a dozen times in the last week and half. Don't judge. (It's actually a super cute movie! But I need to borrow some other movies from some people. For reals.)

So, I actually could keep going on and on with the randomness but I'm sure most of you have clicked away by now so I suppose I will stop. You're welcome.


  1. Either way, we love keeping up with your life. Even if I may or may not appear stalker-like with your posts.

  2. Being a good friend and a stalker are two completely different things ;)


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