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Friday, February 7, 2014

Photo Friday: oh, just living life

I can't sit in the recliner by myself anymore. (Yes, that is the dog in between Landon and me.)
 This was a week ago…but yeah. 15-week belly.
 I don't know why he thinks this is comfy
 They did this all themselves. They really do love each other!
 Landon and his future wife ;) He was clearly having a good time while we were at a dr appt
 Landon likes to take my phone, hold it in front of his face and say "cheeeese"….so I told him he could press the reverse button thingy (does it have a name?) so he'd actually be taking a picture of himself. The next day I found a bunch of pictures on my phone that Landon took. Kids catch on quickly!

 I teach religion at my church and one of my students got me this for Chase! So cute.
 Landon thinks a woman's headband is fashionable. He put it on and left it on.
Landon and I were eating chicken nuggets in the recliner (we live on the wild side these days), and Marley was on the love-seat looking all jealous.

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