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Friday, February 14, 2014

Photo Friday: parties and play time

birthday party #1

photo booth at the party…I took a picture of the polaroid (just excuse the piece of bread in Landon's hand). I love his cheesy smile!
And so begins the hour of Landon's craziness before bedtime
He refused to let me put his pajama pants on. And he just can't leave Marley alone.

Birthday party #2
All the partying wore this little guy out
So silly and so cute all at the same time
I didn't dare turn on the flash so it's hard to see, but he fell asleep while watching a movie
This kid loves yogurt and granola

Best buds, yeah
My aunt was in town and treated us to dinner. There was a band and Landon was just loving it, clapping away!
Indoor playgrounds are the best :)

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