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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Week 16: keepin' it real

Today makes 16 weeks! It feels like it has dragged on and flew by all at the same time.

I had an appointment with Dr. C today but Dr. H actually joined us too because he is awesome like that.
Baby Chase was looking all cute, showing off his legs and his boy parts. So yes, the blood test was right! Whew.

My cervix looks good, which was a relief, and because of that, Dr. C doesn't think I need the progesterone shots. I'm not complaining though, because those things hurt and I'd rather my butt not be sore every week (maaaaaybe TMI but you know me). Plus, I'm just going to keep taking the oral progesterone to help with the irritability. It did kick the nausea and vomiting back up a notch, but oh well. Dr. C said I can actually put the progesterone up my lady parts instead (TMI again, sorryyyy) but I'm not sure how I feel about that so we will see. Either I stay nauseated by taking pills twice a day or I stick medicine up my vagina every night. Lovely.

Anywayyyy. Dr. C brought up the blood test and said that even though it came back normal, there's still a 50% chance our baby could have a chromosomal abnormality. The blood test screened for 5 of the most common abnormalities, and there's still 18 other ones. And apparently the fact that I'm younger (as opposed to 35 years or older) makes it more likely that my baby has one of the 18 other ones - new research came out that she learned about today.

So. The good news is that Dr. C didn't see anything concerning on the ultrasound, and she looked long and hard. But she made sure we knew that anything was still possible. Chase's heart looked good, which is important (especially when we're talking about chromosomal issues), but even so, Dr. C is sending me to have a fetal echocardiogram in a couple months. She just wants to make sure she didn't miss anything.

Oh, and Dr. H thought he was funny by telling Dr. C I was going to have 8 babies. And then she said something about her getting gray hair. Ha. I have funny doctors.

I guess that's enough rambling about my lady parts and our cute baby. Unless I start having more cramping or something else unusual, you'll be spared from another update for 3 more weeks. ;)

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