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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Five Favorites (vol. 2)

1. Kindle Paperwhite

Y'all, I love this thing. I have not had good luck with Kindles in the past (although I loved them too! My first one froze after a few years and the Kindle Fire I had while pregnant with Landon shattered. Still works but I'd like to keep my fingers intact without shards of glass.). So, I've been waiting patiently for a new one - saved a gift card from Christmas and cashed in all our coins for another gift card. Definitely worth the wait! It's so small and convenient to put in my purse - perfect for waiting rooms, which I'm in often these days - and I totally love the option of the backlight. Yes, it's my favorite Kindle ever. Just saying.

2. Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender

Okay, seriously…how did I not know this thing existed until recently??  We all love smoothies (seriously, Landon gets SO excited), but our not-so-great bulky blender is a pain to get out and also to clean. I also have a couple soup recipes that are super simple but having to put them in the blender makes them not as simple. Until now! Just stick this little baby straight into the pot instead of having to transfer it into the blender. And I love the cup that comes with it - perfect to make smoothies! Logan is thrilled because this hand blender means less dishes to wash…as opposed to our blender with a million pieces.. Best of all, we got our hand blender for FREE because of the rewards program with Logan's work. Yeahhhh buddy.

3. The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning

I linked to this in my rant about having lots of babies when I had only read part of it. And now that I've read the whole book, I wanted to share a few thoughts.

We've never used NFP to avoid a pregnancy, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and got a lot from it, especially because Logan and I can't have sex while I'm pregnant (yes, it's every bit as terrible as it sounds. Logan should go straight to Heaven). And I know I will reread it over and over throughout the next few years because there's a good chance we will have to use NFP unless Logan and I both want to lose our sanity.

Simcha uses her sense of humor to talk about a very awkward subject, and there is a good bit of sarcasm thrown in too (which I loved because it runs in my family). She certainly doesn't tell you how many babies to have - she just gives you A LOT to think about and I had several epiphanies regarding not only our sex life (to be blunt), but our marriage in general as well.

So, read this book. Seriously.

4. BabyKicks diaper inserts

I know I should just do a Five Favorites about cloth diapering one day, but I just have to say, these are my most favorite inserts ever. They're the most absorbent ones I've tried, are super trim, and can work with pockets or covers. It does take several washings to reach full absorbency (wash separately from your other diapers at first) and they are a bit pricey, but seriously…so worth it. Perfect for overnight. I also tend to use them for the first few hours of the day since that's when Landon wets the most. (I've only used the medium size inserts since Landon was 7 months old and I think they're perfect. The large size would probably be wayyyy too long, in my opinion.)

I mentioned this in a Quick Takes post a few months ago but I want to share it again because I've been thinking about it after our marriage retreat. Logan and I know 3 couples that are going through some not good times in their marriage right now, 2 of which are currently separated (and they are our age! Yikes!). And that is just so scary and depressing! Satan wants to destroy marriages and we cannot let him. Catholic or not, married or not, everybody should listen to this talk. In my opinion :)

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