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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good reads and Landon talk

I loved these 2 posts and wanted to share!

5 Ways to Take on Negative Nancy…When She is You - oh, fellow young mothers, read this!

Let's Be Done - because I love a good post about having babies and being open to life. Even when the going gets tough.

And this next part is totally for the grandparents. Just saying.

Landon has been a talkative baby from the beginning - I remember sitting at the table, drinking my coffee, and he would be in his bouncer seat just babbling away. This was before he could even sit up by himself.

Oh my, how this kid has changed!

And now that he's getting close to 2 years old (in June!), his vocabulary is growing big time. His babbling is starting to make more sense. In the few weeks, he's suddenly started saying phrases, and most times it throws me off guard. Did he just say….?!

Here are a few of his new phrases:
  • I'm going downstairs (while Mommy is still getting ready)
  • Here you go!
  • What's that?
  • Is that poo poo? (as he peeks into the toilet as Mommy is using the bathroom…he doesn't know the difference between pee and poop)
  • I don't want to (or some form of that…my favorite. Sigh.)
  • Where is dog? (That's what he calls Marley)
Landon still REFUSES to say the word "baby", although he knows what it means. But we have gotten him to say Chase's name a few times. So stinkin' cute. :)

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