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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week 19: happy happy

I saw Dr. H yesterday, and the first thing he asked was how I was doing - to which I responded, "Not bad." He looked surprised and said, "The last couple of times I've seen you, you've been pretty miserable!"

Which makes me laugh because it is true. But the last few days have been pretty good, and I'm fairly certain it's because I'm drinking a whooooole lot of water. I've had less contractions (still having some, but there's a big difference) and I have a little more energy. So, yay for water!

We heard Chase's heartbeat on the doppler and Dr. H checked my cervix and it was good. Even though we're getting reallllly close to the dreaded 22-week mark, Dr. H said he's happy with the way things are going and I have to agree. Hopefully we will continue like this….

Although I've felt Chase move for a few weeks now, he really has not been very active. I wasn't worried or anything, just wanting to feel him more often! And the last couple of days he's definitely been moving a lot more. Yay. Maybe Logan can feel him kick soon!

Day 6 of 7 of Jen's blogging challenge!


  1. So exciting!! Feeling the baby move is the best thing! Congratulations


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