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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's never too early to pack a hospital bag

The further along this pregnancy gets, the more contractions I have and sometimes it really is nerve-wracking. I haven't been too concerned, though, because I had contractions allll the time with Landon and things were fine. Plus, I haven't cramped in quite some time. I like to think the Procardia I take twice a day is helping with that.

Until last night. It was getting close to the time I normally take Procardia, so I took it a little early, hoping it'd knock out the cramping. But it didn't. So Logan left to take my chapel hour for me and I tried to relax at home.

I'd like to think I've been pretty calm throughout most of my pregnancy shenanigans, all things considering, but last night I flat out freaked out. Seriously. The cramping continued (I tried timing it but it just felt like it never let up) and then I started having frequent Braxton Hicks.

Y'all. I panicked because Landon was sleeping, Logan wasn't home (although he could have left chapel assuming the lady who usually goes with me was there), and I started wondering what we would do if I ended up needing to go to the hospital. As much as I've thought that it was a possibility, we haven't actually planned what we would do in that situation - who would come watch Landon if he was sleeping, what I would do if Logan was at work, etc. I started packing my hospital bag last week but the thought never occurred to me to figure out all of the other details. Things are a tad bit more complicated this time around now that we have a kid and Logan's schedule is crazy.

So, long story short…after I laid down and ate a PB&J (and prayed! prayed so hard!), the contractions slowed down. I was still crampy by the time Logan got home, but I decided that going to sleep was the best thing. And thankfully, it was.

However, you can expect my hospital bag to be fully packed today, thankyouverymuch. Just in case.

"Pray, hope, and don't worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer." -St. Padre Pio


  1. Have you heard of the Mia Moo Foundation? It's established in honor of one of Jase Robertson's (yes THE Jase Robertson) daughters who was born with a cleft. Their mission is to help families will medical expenses for their children with clefts. Obviously, we don't know if Chase will need additional medical care at this point, but it's an organization worth knowing about (especially since they're located in our state!). :)

  2. Never heard of it until now and I didn't realize Jase's daughter had cleft! Thanks so much for the info!

  3. We watch the show regularly, but I think I stumbled upon the information about the cleft foundation. It sounds like you won't be needing it for Chase, though! YAY.
    Breaking The Mold

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