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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Photo Sunday: because it's finally Easter!

I didn't want to post a bunch of pictures on Good Friday, so here they are now. Happy Resurrection Day!
This boy looooves outside. Logan has been bringing him outside in the afternoon if he's not working.
These two...

I'm so thankful we have a dog that's great with kids…makes me excited to see Landon with a brother soon!

Mmmm, smoothies. One of his favorite things!

Landon is officially facing the front in his carseat! He was thrilled.
Someone didn't want to wear a shirt. Gotta pick my battles, ya know?
I've been trying to lie down even more now that my cervix is being stupid, and they just have to join me.
Marley has been doing her part by lying on my legs so I can't get up. Makes me wonder if she can sense what's going on!


  1. I wonder what Marley will think about a second brother bugging her all the time? :-p And you should totally make a photo book of just the two of them... Landon will appreciate it. I also have a Shutterfly code for 101 prints expiring in 2 days, so let me know if you want it!

  2. Great minds think alike - I totally had the idea a couple weeks ago to make a photo book with just Landon and Marley! :) It'll have to be my next project once I get another code for a free photo book.


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