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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week 24: let's see how many problems we can find

I'm always a little nervous to see Dr. C, since if there's bad news to be told, she will be the one to tell me. Today I was particularly nervous because I've been feeling more pressure on my cervix the last few days. So you can just imagine my reaction when I was reading during breakfast before my appointment and came across this: "do not be afraid of tomorrow, regardless of what occurs today."

Oh boy. Thanks for the heads up, God. (He does this often but I don't always pay attention.)

Dr. C did the entire ultrasound since her tech left early, and the first thing she noticed was my fluid level - abnormally high. Right now it should be 10-15, and it was almost 30. So yeah. Way too much fluid. That would explain all the pressure I've been feeling and the fact that I cannot control my leaking bladder. My uterus is too dang big right now!

So what does it mean? Could be 3 things:

1. Diabetes. Dr. C ordered the glucose test today (which I did today) instead of waiting until 28 weeks when they typically test. Hopefully I'll find out the results tomorrow. If it's not that then…

2. Chase could have a hole in the roof of his mouth. Dr. H, who I also saw today, mentioned cleft lip can be associated with polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid), so I'm not sure if that's what Dr. C was referring to. Either way, could be an issue with the mouth. Dr. C tried getting a good look at Chase's mouth but he was moving a lot and is still small. So she's going to look again in 2 weeks with their better ultrasound machine.

3. Or, Chase's stomach valve could be too small. Which we wouldn't know until after birth (from what I understood) and he starts throwing up everything he eats.

Dr. H is hoping it was a fluke and one time thing - the high fluid level, that is - but he is concerned more about preterm labor now, since too much fluid can cause it. I'm measuring 27 weeks based on my fundal height. He said we need to make it at least 3 more weeks, but the goal is 10 more weeks. Thankfully, my cervix is still holding on. That's the one thing we've got going for us.

Dr. C doesn't want me to have too many contractions, so she told me to start taking Procardia twice a day instead of as needed (which I've only had to take it 3 times so far, I think). We don't want my cervix to have any more pressure on it.

She also said my placenta [still] looks really old, and I forgot to mention that to Dr. H.

Apparently there's nothing I can do to help the fluid situation - we just have to monitor it. Same with the placenta. As if I'm not feeling helpless enough as it is….*sigh*.

I have a fetal echocardiogram scheduled for next week, and hopefully that turns out fine because seriously, I can't take anything else right now. I so long for the day I can hold my baby boy.

Thanks for the prayers, y'all.

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