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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fun at the movies

I mentioned over the weekend that last week we took Landon to see his first movie at the theater. Logan and I weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into, especially since he threw the biggest tantrum ever right before we left the house. Seriously. The biggest. We have officially hit the "terrible twos."

One of Landon's favorite movies right now is Rio, and since Rio 2 came out last month, we thought it would be the perfect first movie at the theater! So we've been planning to go with my brother and his family. And we had some other friends that ended up meeting us there as well!

Landon had some M&M's so don't mind the chocolate on his face. ;) (We were late to the movie so I had to take this afterwards)

Landon threw another tantrum as we were walking into the theater, so I was a little nervous about how the actual movie would go. 

Thankfully, he was mesmerized by the big screen. And surprisingly, Landon sat through the entire thing without any major problems. He did get a little restless a few times, but that's what the M&M's were for…he will do anything for a couple of M&M's. ;)
 Sadly, the theater did not have a Rio cutout for a photo-op, so we had to improvise.
 Landon was apparently the only one who wanted to pose for the camera. He discovered the arcade room right before this, and when we said we were taking pictures, he must have thought his excellent posing skills would allow him to play in the arcade afterwards.
I think this picture is awesome. Landon and his cousins, whom he loves oh so very much!

And right after the picture-taking, Landon sprinted to the arcade room. Literally. He just did not want to leave, and thought saying "cheeeeese" repeatedly would let him stay longer. But alas, it was after 9pm by this time. Bedtime!

So, tantrums before and after the movie…but a well-behaved toddler during the movie. We'll take it. ;)


  1. Congrats! I saw another blogger post about taking her son to the movies for the first time not too long ago. It sort of makes me laugh because this is not something I would have thought to be a "big deal," but I guess it kinda is...oh the life of parents. :-p

  2. Haha…just wait, you will see! It's the little things :)


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