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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our week in pictures: a couple outings

Landon really enjoys "helping" in the kitchen during the rare times that I do cook (mainly eggs. Protein yo).
On the way to the park. It was like 10 something in the morning but he was looking miiiiiighty tired already. This was at a stoplight. "Cheeeeeese"
….and this was literally 2 minutes later at the next stoplight. Seriously, dude? He will fight his nap like all get out at home, but he can't resist a car ride.
Our little monkey

He loves playing with these matching cards and although he doesn't actually "match" them, he will literally spend hours just shuffling them. Heck yeah.
I'm telling you, he loves the matching cards. Didn't want to part with them while he napped.
This picture doesn't do it justice but Landon and Dominic were literally shoving their faces with a friend's birthday cake.
Birthday party success. Another toy he is obsessed with that we swiped from church (don't worry, I'm tight with the priest and secretary and asked for permission ;) because I was not in the mood to wrestle it away from him)

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