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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Our week in pictures

Sooo I'm changing things up a little bit because "Photo Friday" means I need to post on Friday which I don't always feel like doing so….we're going to go with "Our week in pictures", posted sometime on the weekend. Even though Logan likes Photo Friday better. Ohhh welllll.
9 kids. At my house. All day. Cousin love!
My friends have this lovely tradition of celebrating each other's birthdays and new babies. This was our April birthday brunch!
Thank you Pops for the haircut
I know I post a million pictures of this kid sleeping but I just.can't.help.it.
See what I mean?
Love my guys! :)
A trip to Costco is exhausting
A day off for Logan is rare these days so we were being laaaaaaazy
We brought Landon to his first movie at the theater! Dinner before…he ate half of my burrito I think.
I plan on doing a post about the movies in a few days because the better pictures are on my camera...

He is too much sometimes. Love him!


  1. love! it!
    yes, sleeping babies…the crazy fades!

  2. So cute!! Praise the Lord for more good news!

  3. Girl you STAY busy, even when you don't... haha.

  4. Lol, it appears that way. Although most things I do these days involves a lot of sitting (dinner, movie). And a couple of these pictures - the outside ones - were taken by Logan. I'm usually relaxing in the living room while they run around outside! :)


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