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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 32: ohhhh big boy

I've reached that point where people are all like "So when are you due? Any day now?"

Funny. Although I'm definitely bigger this time around than I was with Landon, I don't think I'm completely huge. Just saying.

But then there's this little boy in my belly that's been measuring on the big side for awhile now. Two weeks ago, he was 3 lbs 8 oz. This week? 5 POUNDS. Actually a tad bit bigger but I'm just going to stick with 5 lbs because that makes me feel better. The ultrasound tech couldn't believe it so she measured him 5 times to make sure, and yep, 5 lbs. Um, Landon was 6 lbs 13 oz when I delivered him at 38 weeks. I'm 32 weeks now.

The CRAZY thing is that my placenta seems to be getting yuckier each time. I mean, seriously. It was pretty noticeable to me that it was bigger and yuckier, and there were even holes in it. Yet this kid keeps growing.

I do have 3D pictures but they're not the greatest since Chase was hiding his face. But we (Logan was with me) did get to see him open his mouth and pucker his lips. So cute :)

My cervix is opening more but sounds like it's still okay for now. Dr. C said to take Procardia more often - every 6-7 hours instead of every 8 hours - because of my cervix. It's not completely surprising that my cervix is more open (honestly, I was expecting it to be worse), because I've been cramping off and on for a week now, and a couple of times the contractions have been pretty darn regular.

For awhile there I thought we would make it to term with no problems, but now? Not so sure. I mean, Chase is huge! But the good thing is that he's a decent size already if he does make his appearance early.

Next week I start having non-stress tests every Tuesday and Friday. And I also see Dr. H. I'm going to get him to guess how big he thinks Chase is because he guessed that Landon would be close to a 7-pounder right before my C-section (just by feeling the outside of my belly!). He was totally right. Gotta love an experienced doctor!

P.S. Happy happy birthday to my main man Logan!

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