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Monday, June 23, 2014

Answer Me This…and some randomness

First are some random thoughts/happenings/ideas/whatev:
  • The crazy World Cup games might make me go into labor. For reals.
  • My parish priest is so very wonderful and blessed Chase today (and heard my much-needed confession). And now I feel better and not so paranoid (okay, still paranoid, but I do feel more at peace). Did you know there's a Rite for the Blessing of a Child in the Womb? Yes, yes there is. If you're pregnant you should ask a priest about it.
  • Someone needs to invent a translator thingy for 2-year olds. Landon has just been talking and talking and talking and most of the time I'm like "Can you speak English please?" It's cute and all but I reallllly wish I could understand him better.
  • A trip to Target is more exhausting than a trip to the zoo. I know it sounds crazy but seriously. I've only done a handful of grocery trips this pregnancy (by myself) and every single one just wears.me.out.
  • Is it possible for a husband to do the nesting for a pregnant woman? Because I totally think Logan is. And he's going to make me crazy because of it. For better or worse, baby.

And now I'm linking up with Kendra for the first time because I'm sure you don't want to hear about how pregnant I feel and HOW FREAKIN' HOT IT IS. #julyduedate #louisianaheat

1. When's the last time you got a new bathing suit?
Ummmm. I think I did last year. Ain't happening this year with this big ol' belly…I'm borrowing a maternity one from my sister-in-law. We are going to the beach in September though so I'm hoping my bathing suit from last year will fit by then. Yikes.

2. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?
My daddy. Kinda funny because there's people I talk to on the phone regularly and he's not one of them. He's not the talking-on-the-phone type :)

3. If you receive communion, do you receive it in the hands or on the tongue?
On the tongue. I grew up receiving on the hand and considered receiving on the tongue in college but it made me nervous (is that weird?) so I never did. And then I went to Guatemala for a medical mission in 2008. I went to mass there and EVERYONE received on the tongue so I did too. Been receiving on the tongue ever since! 

4. Do you have a tattoo?
Nope. Not interested.

5. How many dinner plates are in your house?
Are dinner plates the big ones? If so, we probably have a dozen. I don't know because we rarely ever use them.we always use the salad plates (assuming those are the smaller plates, I really should know these things). My brother tells Logan and me that we eat like birds and one friend tells us we eat like rabbits. Needless to say, Logan and I aren't big eaters. Which makes pregnancy hard because I have to force myself to eat and that's just not fun. I knowI'm weird.

Sorry. Totally went off subject there.

6. Do you have an accent?
I find this a funny question because who ever admits they have an accent? I don't think I do and have never been told that…but I wouldn't be surprised if a northerner thought I sounded southern. I do say "y'all" a lot but that doesn't mean I have an accent, right?

I'll tell you who does have an accent though! My sister. She totally acquired it once she moved to North Carolina and I find it hilarious. Sorry, Jess. :)

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