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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Clifford the Big Red Dog meets Spy Kids

We had a big birthday bash this past weekend! I'm so glad we decided to take a few pictures before the party actually started because it started raining and Landon and his cousins decided to play in the rain. So they got soaking wet….before any guests had actually arrived. Fun fun fun. (Do I need to even mention that the guys were watching them outside while the ladies were inside preparing food? Didn't think so.) Landon was pretty much a mess during the whole party, but at least he had fun!
 Now, about these decorations. One may think I was responsible for them. Nope. Logan and his creative self made a freakin' dog house out of leftover cardboard boxes. It was a big hit with the kids! And that Clifford face? Logan totally drew (no tracing) on red posterboard and added white and black cardstock for the eyes and nose. I'm fairly certain there are not many dads out there (if any) that would go to such lengths to decorate for their toddler's birthday party.
Landon and Max (my nephew) have birthdays a day apart, so this year we decided to throw a joint party. We invite 90% of the same people anyway, and 2 parties in one weekend is a bit much. Plus, with me being pregnant and Lindsey (my sister-in-law) having 4-month old twins, the idea of having help planning a party was pretty appealing. :)

Landon is turning 2, so I decided on a Clifford the Big Red dog theme since he loves dogs and his Clifford books. Max is turning 6 so he decided for himself that he wanted a Spy Kids birthday party. Which is why we had to get creative! Thankfully, our house is the perfect setup for hosting such a shindig with our double garage. One half of the garage was all about Clifford and the other half was all about Spy Kids.

You want all the details? No? Oh wellllll. I'll try to condense this sucker since I have lots of pictures and could go on and on about every little thing. Logan and I love throwing a good party. Get ready! [I decided to finally dive into the world of picture editing…like collages and stuff. Nothing fancy. Let me apologize in advance for the tackiness.]

We had all the food and cakes lined up on the looooong counter in the back of the garage (I'm telling you, perfect setup). 
The Clifford side of food included Puppy Chow (AKA Chex Muddy Buddies), Kibbles 'n Bits (AKA M&Ms), Big Cheesy Dogs (AKA pigs in a blanket), chicken nuggets, a veggie tray, and turkey & swiss rollers. Logan and I double teamed when it came to making the cookie cake - I made the dough, he made it into a dog bone shape and iced it, and I decorated. 

The Spy Kids side had buffalo chicken dip with "clueless" chips, a fruit explosion (seriously, how cool does that look?!), croissant sandwich tray, "hot on the trail" mix, fuses (AKA twirlers), truth serum pills (AKA hot tamales), meatball "grenades" and smoked chicken (my brother is obsessed with his smoker).

If that seems like it was a lot of food, it's because it was. Good thing too, because even with the rainy weather, we had over 60 people show up! That's the craziness that happens when most of our friends have several children. But it's oh so much fun. :) Thankfully, we had the perfect amount of food!

We didn't plan any games or activities, because all the kiddos are pretty good at finding things to entertain themselves with (you know, like playing in the rain and jumping in puddles).

Some other highlights:
 As soon as everyone started to sing "Happy Birthday," Landon busted out his pouty lip and stayed like that until it was time to blow out the candle. Too funny. Max was happy though :)

Each party favor bag had 2 sugar cookies, one in the shape of a dog bone (Clifford) and one in the shape of a mustache (Spy Kids). 
I set out the book Clifford's Birthday Party so people could write Landon a little note on a page. Same thing I did for his 1st birthday!
And this is why he didn't wear a shirt for the second half of the party. Oh, how we love our crazy, lovable Landon! :)

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