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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fun at the Zoo

We wanted to wait until Landon was at a good age before we brought him to the zoo for the first time (you know, when he'd actually appreciate it!). And welllll by that time I got pregnant. So we waited until the blessed 34-week mark before taking him. It was so much fun! Landon loved it and his cousins even joined us which made it even better. I didn't go into labor either which is always a plus ;)
Happy 5-year anniversary to us!
The zoo in New Orleans is pretty darn cool. Next time we go, we want to buy a membership, which includes the aquarium and insectarium too! (We lucked out this time and got guest passes from a friend. Hollerrrr.) Logan works weekends, which stinks, but the good thing about that is we get to go do fun things during the week when it's not as crowded. Like the zoo!

Landon and Dominic did really well….riding in the wagon to each exhibit and then getting out if they wanted. Then they got back in the wagon (no fussing!) to ride to the next exhibit.
 The chimpanzees have always been my favorite!

Logan handled the boys, Lindsey handled the baby girls, and I sat every chance I got (pretty much every exhibit had a place to sit and if it didn't I walked ahead to find one) and drank lots of water. :)

 We took a break to enjoy the AC and some lemonade. These boys could have fun anywhere!

 Logan always thinks it's funny that I don't have to duck to walk through the kids' trail
Maaaaaaybe Logan should have tried to take this photo at the beginning and not the end. Poor baby was so tired. But we had fun! Can't wait until next time.

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