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Friday, June 20, 2014

Week 35: 4 weeks or less!

I'm starting to feel like the hospital is my second home. This morning I had an appointment with Dr. H and then I had a NST. All the women in Dr. C's office (where I have the NSTs) are always like "You haven't had that baby yet?" No, I haven't. "You've been pregnant forever." Yes, yes I have.

My cervix is still fine and Dr. H is chill about everything as always, even though Dr. C seems to have a new problem with every report he gets. They really do balance each other out well. He said a lot of times when they send a placenta off to get analyzed after birth, there's a problem with it even though there's nothing wrong with the baby.

When I asked about the chances of Chase having a chromosome issue (which is what I'm a little paranoid about), Dr. H did say that's what Dr. C has been worried about all along, but usually the baby would be on the smaller side. So, we shall see, I guess. He did say it was better that I was concerned than not concerned. Maybe so I'm not blindsided if Chase does have something going on?

Anyway. I brought up the whole VBAC thing again, and Dr. H gave me some very valid points as to why he doesn't want to do one. He was probably more honest with me than most patients, which I appreciated. If I had a history of successful vaginal deliveries (I'm assuming he isn't counting Levi who was just over a pound), it'd be different, but we still don't know how big my pelvis is. The chances of a successful VBAC is 50%. I'm thinking I'd probably end up on the unsuccessful side of that statistic since I'm small with what appears to be a big baby. So, repeat C-section is for real happening. Sigh.

I'm not entirely sure I will make it to 39 weeks when my surgery is scheduled, so I asked what would happen if I went into labor before then. Basically, once I'm 37 weeks, Dr. H would just go ahead and do the C-section. But if it was in the next 2 weeks, he'd probably try to stop labor - although he wouldn't be too heroic about it. He really sees 34 weeks as a big milestone.

So, that's that. Even though I feel super huge and am getting reallllly tired of random strangers being all like "When's that baby due? Any day?" and staring at me like they've never seen a pregnant woman before…it is pretty darn cool to think that Chase will be here in exactly 4 weeks or less! I CANNOT WAIT.

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