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Friday, July 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes (vol.13)

It has been months since I've done 7QT! And at the moment I feel like my pregnancy brain can only communicate in quick takes. Soooo here you go.
In case you've been living under a rock, the men's national soccer team is out of the World Cup (after a great run!). And as much as that disappoints this here lifelong soccer fan, I have to say I'm slightly relieved…because nobody needs to go into labor over a damn soccer game. Just saying.

I'm still going to watch the rest of the World Cup games, of course, but I haven't picked a favorite because I shouldn't get too emotionally involved. ;)
I don't think I ever mentioned that Logan got a promotion at work! Which also means a raise! He hasn't gotten a paycheck yet since the raise, but it will make a big difference. And we're excited (and relieved). I really should write another one of those posts about how God provides because seriously, I don't know how we've managed with me not working since November. Especially since high-risk pregnancies are SO EXPENSIVE. Even with good health insurance.
I'm 37 weeks! Holla. It's really tempting to start stocking our freezer and cleaning the house and all…but I need to wait until after this weekend. Too many family members out of town if I were to go into labor!
Okay, seriously…how cute is this?! My cousin made it because she's awesome. Logan has become slightly obsessed with turning the boys' room into a full-blown Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle space. Landon got a few TMNT things for his birthday and we've been buying small things here and there as the budget allows. Both Logan and Landon are loving it!
My non-stress tests are still going well. I keep waiting for one of them to show signs of distress in Chase, but so far so good. Praise God. And I haven't had an increase in contractions since stopping Procardia. One of the nurses told me it's not uncommon for them to fight preterm labor and once a woman is term, nothing happens. So funny. 2 weeks or less! [insert shriek of excitement here]
Off to watch the rest of the Germany vs. France game! Happy 4th of July!

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