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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Our week in pictures: awesome hair edition

Chase has awesome hair. Allow me to show you.
Bath time!
Logan likes to style Chase's hair in a mohawk but it kind of does it by itself sometimes
We walked through the Riverwalk on Logan's day off
….not awake. He does funny things with his hands. I love it.
See the hair? Rockin' it during a committee meeting for a fundraiser Logan and I are helping with
Landon hadn't napped in like 2 weeks (other than in the car) so I had to document this monumental moment the other day
Our littlest is 1 month old!
Our neglected one (Marley, not Logan) ;)
Landon is making me want to do a little family session of pictures! He's so photogenic (when he wants to be)
This kid (look! hair!) likes to poop as he is falling asleep. Which is not cool because I've usually JUST changed his diaper and then I have to change it again. But then he looks like this and I'm smitten!

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