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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our week in pictures: soccer, smoothies, and boys that grow up too fast

I know I've just been posting pictures all month and I'm trying to fix that! Been crazy around these parts.
There's been lots of this....
...and not enough this. (Landon has blueberry muffin in his teeth, FYI)
Someone needs to stop acting all grown up.
We Logan can't stop with the TMNT around this house. (There were no animals harmed in the taking of this picture) ;)
I make smoothies almost every day and Landon loves them! So whenever he hears me making them he comes and waits patiently until it's done.
Landon loved Soccer Tots! His cousin Dominic is in his class which made it even better. (It's parent participation so Logan and Michael handled that while Lindsey and I watched with the babies.)
All my phone pictures are blurry and all my camera pictures had realllly bad lighting. So sad.
My little helper!
Love this boy right here. 

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