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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Catching up with some randomness

Where do I begin?

Being in charge of a silent auction + newborn + never-ending laundry + never-ending medical bills + other ridiculous things out of my control = losing my mind

So! That's what's been going on over here.

Chase is just the sweetest little boy. I may or may not have prayed for a phlegmatic baby when I was pregnant, because this introvert cannot deal with another extrovert in the same house (Logan and Landon? Total extroverts. Me? Nope.) And so far it's looking like Chase is my mini-me (introvert, that is - I'm hardcore melancholic). Which is pretty funny considering Landon is Logan's mini-me. But I suppose only time will tell for sure.

(I found this in iPhoto as I was looking for a photo to include in this post…not sure why I did this. Maybe for the birth story that I will not be finishing anytime soon?)
Both our boys after birth….Landon did not stop crying. Chase was just toooootally chill. Yep.

Landon just loves his little brother. It's so sweet. But Landon is starting to show some jealously and an overwhelming need for his momma to hold him. So, last week I took Landon on a Target trip while Logan stayed home with Chase (who slept the entire time!). I'm really hoping we can do one-on-one time regularly, because I know Landon enjoyed it. The fact that I only had to take one kid (instead of two) shopping with me is just a bonus. ;)

Logan is still working a lot of evenings, which is probably making life even more stressful than it should be, but I'm trying to figure out how to make things easier on those nights (dinner time + bath time + bedtime + outnumbered mommy = no fun at all). Feel free to hit me with suggestions!

We've been busy getting things together for a fundraiser we're helping with, and let me tell you, a silent auction is A LOT OF WORK. Or maybe it's my perfectionism that's making things harder. I don't know. But in about a month I will not know what to do with all of the extra time I'll have on my hands. So that's a plus.

Enough randomness for now. Until next time.


  1. Thanks again for letting me crash at your house a few weeks ago...and of course for saving my life while you were at it. :)


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