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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

House Pictures - Laundry Room

Man, it's literally been years since I've posted a house project. Guess that's what happens when you have a couple babies within a couple years ;)

So! Our laundry room. We've added things here and there, and of course, I don't think I took pictures through the entire process. Oh well.
But here's the laundry room before we officially bought the house. (And let me just tell you now we still have that same window valance on there. *hangs head in shame* I guess we should update that finally!)

Obviously, we bought a washer and dryer to go in this room, and then a shelf to go over that. Once we started cloth diapering, we installed a utility sink. We also put in a pantry cabinet for more storage. And then even more recently (like, this past week), we moved the pantry to the kitchen (since we don't have a kitchen pantry) and installed more shelves and storage instead. Now for the pictures!
 Logan is hiding behind the door of the panty (which was open). So I guess you could say this is a before picture.
Technically another before picture. I have a drying rack I use for delicates and diaper covers, and now that the pantry is gone, I'll probably just keep this rack out all the time (I used to fold it up and put it away between uses). Check out that empty space on the wall….
Bam! I have shelves now!
The lone shelf over the washer has been there for awhile now, but it just wasn't cutting it - I'm too short to reach over for a lot of it so now I have all the stuff I rarely use on that shelf.

 I can't tell you how useful a utility sink is…seriously! Our diaper pail for cloth diapers is beneath the sink, in case you were wondering. And that wooden cabinet? Freeeeeee! It's from Logan's parents' house and has been sitting in our garage for awhile.
That thingy on the wall to the right is pretty sweet and I can't believe how long we went without having one. Keeps our broom/mop/etc out of the way!
The laundry room is not exactly Pinterest-worthy, but it's totally practical and exactly what I needed...I actually don't mind doing laundry anymore. (Kidding. It does make it more bearable though.) ;)


  1. Looks awesome! For some reason I thought you just had accordion doors with the washer/dryer behind them.

  2. Thanks! It's basically just a large closet, but it works :)


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