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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our week in pictures: I can't believe I actually took pictures

This past week was slightly nuts because of the days leading up to the silent auction, so I'm surprised I actually have pictures! I'll be back to regularly scheduled blogging this week :)

Someone is getting chunky!

"Stop with the pictures, Mom."
Marley steals the recliner every time I get up (seriously, every time) but normally jumps off when I fuss her. Except this time.

Post-bath chill mode
This dude humbles his momma by remembering to pray before he eats while she does not
Hanging out with friends while making auction baskets
Cooking was pretty nonexistent this week but thankfully we were able to go to a jambalaya/gumbo cook-off one evening. Yummy!
Don't be fooled, Landon LOVED the jambalaya. I'm more of a gumbo gal myself.

Landon slept at Noanie and Paw Paw's 2 nights in a row for the first time and was really happy to see Marley again. He kissed her and everything. So funny.
It just amazes me sometimes how well he plays alone! He spent so much time with his blocks yesterday.
Going to his cousin Dominic's birthday party, clearly ready to have a good time (he's obsessed with both his ninja turtle weapon and rosary. They kind of go together, right? The rosary is a spiritual weapon!)
And this one was ready to party too.

Unfortunately I have zero pictures from the auction and the birthday party. Because I'm lame (actually, because I was too busy at the former and too tired at the latter). But I should be getting some pictures of the auction from a friend!

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