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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our week in pictures: I forgot

Well, you wouldn't believe how much stuff I can get done when I leave the TV off and my laptop closed. So you can blame me forgetting about our weekly pictures on my productivity. (That's a good thing, though!!)
A little Target trip. Love love love this carrier!
Father/son bonding time
We went outside and all he wanted to do was have me pull him in the wagon
My little helper!
So excited on the way to the pumpkin patch
Too much pumpkin excitement for Chase
Y'all, the weather was so nice! Hot, but pretty.

Ice cream fun
Poor Chase didn't get any ;) (not that he needs it!)
When Logan is home at night, we bathe the boys together and it's so cute :)
This dude! Happy about being 3 months old

Landon was alllll about sorting these beads. We were making kids' rosaries!


  1. We're learning our "rosary prayers" and the book I'm using recommends using a "learning rosary" for little ones…where all the Our Father beads are one color, all the Hail Mary beads are another color, etc. So you can just say "hold a blue bead while we pray Hail Mary". We're not learning the whole rosary, just the prayers said during the rosary…if that makes sense :)


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