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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our week in pictures: I have a cute baby

I have a cute toddler too, I just have some cute pictures of Chase this week!

I remember Landon in this outfit!
Post-bath. I should have turned off the TV...
I married a romantic. In-home date night!
My 2 dates ;)
Is it just me or does Chase look like he has a combover? #stillcutethough

I put this hat on him and couldn't stop laughing. Love this boy.
Landon's 3rd Buddy Walk!
Chase's 1st time at the Buddy Walk!

Landon loooooves Mickey on TV but he wasn't too sure about this one...
So much fun = exhaustion
This dog right here is the reason I will never get 2 dogs at once (sorry, Mom, she's cute but…)

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