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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Hey! I have my life back! I've been catching up on housework and bills and all that other fun stuff the last few days, and I probably shouldn't tell you how much I've enjoyed it (Jen = nerd). What I've enjoyed even more, though, is hanging out with my boys without feeling like I had a bazillion auction things to do. 

I plan to write about our silent auction (which was last Friday), but today you will have to suffer through pictures from our day at the pumpkin patch today. It was Logan's first day off work since Friday, so we wanted to do something fun. And it was :)

(If you're interested here are our pictures from the patch last year. So crazy to think it was a few days before I got pregnant with Chase!)

Lots of pictures coming at ya! #sorrynotsorry

Sorry, I couldn't help myself :)

Love my little photogenic buddy!

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