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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

5 faves from this past week (vol.6)

I seriously have so many blog posts in my head and in my drafts folder that I will for reals publish one day. But for now, here are 5 favorite things that happened this past week!

1. Matt Maher and Toby Mac in concert! 
As I mentioned earlier, Logan and I went on our first real date since Chase was born and it was so much fun. Matt Maher and Toby Mac in concert! I used to go to Christian concerts all.the.time. before I was married, and I'm hoping Logan and I can do that more often! Such a fun and exciting date. :)
They each had their own set, of course, but they also performed together. Hi-five!

2. Shopping! 
While I was at my parents' house last week, my mom and I may or may not have shopped 3 days in a row. And I may or may not have spent $100 on clothes. But! That paid for 5 dresses, 4 skirts, and 4 shirts. Logan and I are cleaning out our closets and I'm really trying to just keep things that I LOVE and also work for multiple phases of life (pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc.). So, bye bye to most of my skirts that have zippers. Elastic all the way, baby. (Except my jean skirt. I have high hopes I will be able to fit into it again one day. Miracles happen, right?)

3. Family Photo Shoot
We took some family pictures today! I'm getting a head start on our Christmas cards this year. Logan's brother took pictures for us when Landon was a baby, and I was slacker last year and didn't plan anything and totally regret it. So Tyler took a few pictures of us again, and although the session didn't last long (2-year old attention span and tired 4-month old), we got a few good ones and it makes me happy. Sneak peek! I'll post more later because that's what I do.
Shout-out to my ladies for making me look pretty! ;)

4. Breastfeeding Success
It's been quite the breastfeeding journey thus far with Chase, but so, so worth it. He's been getting very little to no formula lately (after having to supplement early on), and I was a little nervous about getting him weighed at his 4-month appt today. But his weight is great and I'm so thankful!
My friend shared this and I literally laugh out loud every time I think about it. Logan is still amazed at how much I can eat now! Gotta eat to produce da milk!

5. Lunch Surprise
Logan had off work yesterday too (Monday and Tuesday is our "weekend" this week), so we were running errands and stopped to eat lunch.There was an older guy eating by himself next to us when we first got there, but he left about halfway through our meal. Our waitress took forever getting our bill to us, so we finally told her we were ready for it. Wellllll, she told us the older guy paid for it already! We were so incredibly touched and grateful. You always hear about things like that happening but it was the first time it happened to us. Since we couldn't thank him personally, we prayed for him last night and I hope God blesses him for his generosity! #payitforward

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  1. Aww, love these updates! I have been feeling frustrated with my own wardrobe lately too. Recently I made a rule that I will no longer buy anything with a v-neck. As I am wearing things that make me feel immodest or uncomfortable, they're going straight to the donate pile as soon as they come out the dryer! Going forward, I want to only buy things that I really like and feel completely confident in. Also, your holiday photos are adorable and I can't wait to get your little card in the mail (we will get one, right??? haha). Yay for the kindness of strangers!! Alex felt prompted to give $20 bucks to a pair of servicemen at Applebee's yesterday. His words were, "Thank you for everything - you serve so I don't have to." We walked out and the guys were still sitting there staring with open mouths. It's the funniest thing ever. :)

  2. Yes, my thoughts on wardrobe exactly! Although I like v-necks and have plenty of them…I just wear a camisole underneath for modesty purposes.

    You married a good one! ;)

    And, um, OF COURSE y'all will get a Christmas card! Silly.

  3. Well.....a camisole does well for you on modesty. For me, not so much. :-p And yay Christmas cards!

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