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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our week in pictures: I'm never getting 3 dogs

Chase is starting to play with toys more!

These dogs are back with their owners (thankfully)
I love seeing a glimpse into the future of my boys playing with each other
Seriously, these dogs are ridiculous. And I need to clean the door.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Chase was stylin' with his tennis shoes
Fuzzy pajamas! Crazy hair!
Landon just HAD to help me mop. I hope he still wants to in a few years!
Someone was tired


  1. You are so awesome to dog sit! If someone asked me that with two babies to take care I think I would be pretty quick to say no! Your boys are adorable and Chase is getting so big!

  2. Thanks! I was willing only because my good friend had a much-needed fun trip planned to Disney world ;)

  3. Are your floors wood or laminate? I HATE my wood floors because they are incessantly dirty and nothing works to clean them!

  4. Laminate! I'm using the Honest Company's floor cleaner right now (which I love) but we've used vinegar/water and that works just fine too :)


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