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Monday, November 10, 2014

Our week in pictures: mini vaca edition

Most of the week we were at Mimi and Pops' house (my parents). Always a good time!
Outside fun. I'm preparing myself for Landon wanting to play baseball over soccer...
Baby boy loves outside!
This dude. 
The more Chase is starting to interact, the more Marley is interested in him. And vice versa. 
 Chillin' with my boys in our pajamas (um, I look like I just woke up)
Future best buds
Yep, Chase is missing a sock 
Our first date without Chase! I so wasn't ready to leave him but Logan bought tickets for a concert MONTHS AGO and, well, that's not exactly the best place to bring a baby...
Logan went back home a day before me so that meant Landon had to come shopping with Mimi, Chase, and me. Literally shopped til he dropped (fell asleep) - in the grocery cart. No lie.
4 months already! Love my little chubs
Landon can seriously fall asleep anywhere! He was playing and suddenly I realized he was quiet...sound asleep. (And yes, I did move him to a more comfortable place!)

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