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Monday, December 15, 2014

Family Fun Day - part 2 {Celebration in the Oaks}

Continuing our family fun day….

After the aquarium, we met Tyler (Logan's brother) and his girlfriend for dinner. From there, we all went to City Park to visit Celebration in the Oaks - a fun lights display. There's also some rides (which we opted out of) and Storyland (which we definitely went to!), a fun playground-type area that's all about the fairytales we know and love.

I have a lot of good childhood memories from Celebration in the Oaks and Storyland as kid, so it's fun to bring our kids there now! And as I was looking at the pictures we took, I realized I didn't actually get any of the lights…oops…people are more important though. :)
 Everyone takes a picture in front of the poinsettias! Let's just flash back a few years ago...
I'm not sure if this was our high school or college days, but man, it's fun to see where we are now!

 Landon was ready to see the lights! With his new otter friend, of course.
 Behind us is a big ol' mini train city, which Landon loved!
 Pointing at all the trains

 That train derailed as it rounded the corner, just as I was taking the picture!
 In the whale's mouth (think Pinocchio). I used to love this as a kid for some reason, and now it's surrounded by water, which makes it even cooler.
 Captain Hook's ship!
 Our little astronauts
 We ended the night with hot chocolate and beignets at Morning Call. Yummmm.

Tyler and Aubrey swinging Landon as we walked back to the car. 

It seems like a long day, but we didn't leave our house until after we ate lunch. Landon doesn't nap most days (but always falls asleep in the car) and Chase isn't really on a schedule yet, so it worked out well. And one of the (few) good things about Logan working weekends is that we get to do fun stuff during the week when there aren't many people. :) #brightside

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