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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our week in pictures: busy week

Lots of craziness, lots of pictures
Outside decorating
Landon needed his own (toy) hammer since Daddy had one…went inside to get it and everything
Landon knows to get the oven mitts when the oven beeps (no, he does not actually use them)
Landon picked out Chase's outfit. Good job, buddy.
This kid could fall asleep anywhere (please excuse the messy house)

Oh, you know, just pushing a double sink up the stairs
Big boy can sit in the super seat now!

Chase did not seem bothered by the toy on his face
Putting an ornament on our Jesse tree
Feast of St. Nicholas!
Baby boy is teething big time and will not sleep unless he's nursing or being held
frozen yogurt! yummmm

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