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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our week in pictures: Christmas edition

Chase reallllly wanted Landon's toy

Noanie and Paw Paw gave Chase this giraffe for Christmas and seriously, it's a lifesaver sometimes
The weather was not too good on our way to my parents' house
Silly boys!
My bubs sat up by himself on Christmas Eve!
Too much excitement for Chase
Also too much excitement for Landon
Lindsey thought we actually looked alike for once... #twins #mustbetheglasses

Playing with his cousins all day is exhausting
Landon may have been obsessed with Dominic's new bike (despite being too short to pedal)
Love me some new baby pajamas
Baby pow wow #cousins
Last-minute fun before we made the trip back home
And now my boys are sick again. But we had so much fun this week!


  1. Can we say LOVING the pjs??? Marshmallow guns are the best! ...And I see someone got a little pampering from her favorite twin. :)

  2. Yep, gotta take advantage of the free haircuts ;) my hair was wayyyy too long


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