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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Going from 1 to 2

When I was pregnant, I had quite a few people (mostly acquaintances) tell me that the transition from 1 kid to 2 kids was HARD. However, I also had my close group of friends say that going from 1 to 2 was much easier than going from 0 to 1.

Soooo that led me to the conclusion that it probably just depends on the temperament of your baby and perhaps whatever else is going on in your life. I honestly don't think it's incredibly harder (yet!) now that we added another child. It's different, yes, but not necessarily harder. (Okay, Landon and Chase, don't make me regret saying that!) The one thing that does make it hard is Logan's schedule…but hopefully he will start getting more day shifts because today is his first one in weeks and it's been wonderful! But I digress.

Now for a few things I've learned in my first 3 weeks of having 2 children to care for (newborn + 2 year old):
  • The toddler will ask for a snack at the exact moment that you started feeding the baby
  • The toddler and dog will start running around, yelling/barking, as soon as the baby falls asleep
  • You will be in the midst of changing a poopy toddler diaper when the baby starts crying
  • You're still drinking your coffee by the time lunch rolls around
  • You will realize it's 1pm and while the kids have eaten lunch, you have not
  • You shovel a few bites of food into your mouth between housework and dealing with the kiddos

BUT for every one of those moments, there will be one of these:
  • Your toddler will give the crying baby his pacifier without you even asking
  • You will be cuddling the baby when the toddler comes over and gives both of you a hug
  • Both kids will nap at the same time and it is GLORIOUS
  • You will think about the time you so desperately wanted just one baby…and now you have two.
  • Catching up on the dishes or laundry will feel like the biggest accomplishment of the year
  • Spending time alone with just your toddler will be even more special
Special shout out to Chase for taking a long nap and to Landon for playing so well independently. Momma was able to blog (and do the dishes)! ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This is sleep-deprived and slightly-overwhelmed-with-life Jen speaking. Please bear with me. :) I don't know if there will be a point to this post but let's just see where my mind takes me...

I don't know why, but I just never thought about what would happen when we brought Chase home and Logan went back to work. Maybe because the pregnancy was enough to worry about and I just wanted to have Chase in my arms before thinking past that! I had help the first couple of weeks (I'm so blessed! Thanks Mom! Thanks Logan!). And now that I'm finally on my own most days….well….

So! I should start by saying that Chase really is a good baby. Like seriously. Logan and I both agree. And Landon has adjusted better than we could have hoped! So, our little boys are just awesome and we love them.

What's not awesome? Logan's work schedule. He's been working evenings which makes things harder on all of us. I realized that I just won't get anything done when Logan works the evening shift because dinner time + newborn cluster feeding + toddler demands + crazy dog + bedtime = no time to do anything else. And once I finally have the boys down for the night, I just collapse in bed myself.

I'm trying to ease my way back into all of the things I wasn't doing 100% while pregnant…which is pretty much everything. Still not doing heavy housework (vacuuming, etc.) or projects that I've been thinking about for awhile (decluttering, organizing, etc.), but that's a good thing because I'm still struggling to keep up with just the dishes and laundry (and bills and paperwork and stuff I was still doing while pregnant). I'm getting lots of newborn cuddles, though, and I'd rather that than a clean house! Just saying. :)

Aaaaand I just have to say that as tired as I am, I feel a million times better than I did when I was pregnant. I wish pregnancy wasn't so drastically different for me, because it makes the transition afterwards even more exhausting (even with a cooperative baby!), but I guess there's no point in dwelling on that now - especially because I have a happy and healthy baby to show for it.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our week in pictures: boys, birthday, and baptism!

He loves to take selfies. I do not.

Our first walk as a family of four! Plus the crazy dog...
Landon loves a good car ride
Had a fun lunch with family for my birthday

Our newest guy was baptized today!

All the baptism fun is exhausting ;)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh, brother

I found this one on Logan's phone and thought it was funny! Landon looks excited about bringing Chase home from the hospital.
I wasn't too worried about how Landon would react once we brought Chase home, and I'm so glad I didn't bother…Landon has been really great! And oh my gosh, why does he look so grownup now?!
Every morning, Logan brings Landon in our room (since we've been rather lazy lately and are still in bed when he wakes up, because, um…newborn). And every morning, Landon gets more and more excited about seeing his baby brother.
So sweeeeeet!
I wish you could see Landon's shirt better because my sister made it and it's awesome: "Hi, I'm Chase's Big Brother"
Logan captured this baby when we got home from church yesterday.
And this morning Landon was allllll up in Chase's face. Sometimes he goes a little overboard with the lovin'.
As blessed as we feel to now have two super cute boys, I can't help but think how our little family would look with Levi too. Levi would be 4 years old! Such a crazy thought. I was always sad when I thought of Levi when Landon was younger, because I knew Landon would make such a good brother but Levi was in Heaven (which is better than here, of course…just bittersweet). And now Landon has Chase and we get to see him be such a good brother….and it's awesome. 

What's even more awesome (and makes it worth it in the end) is knowing that both Landon and Chase have a big brother praying for them both, praying for all of us. I know that's a big part of why our little family seems to get extra graces just at the precise moment that we need them.

Levi, pray for us! We love you.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our week in pictures: baby overload (you've been warned)

A little sponge bath
Post-bath sleepiness. I LOVE HIS HAIR.
Someone was tired.
A little trial run with the tiny diaper covers
Landon had lots of play time with Daddy this week
I told you, his hair!!

Poor Marley has been demoted again
Outside time with Daddy

I have a few super cute pictures of Landon and Chase together, but I'll save those for another day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life around these parts

I know I said I would write a birth story but my brain is like ajfkldajdsklf 90% of the time right now and the exhaustion level is, well, overwhelming sometimes. So! I figured I'd just give you a brief recap now of how everything went down and if a birth story is posted later, cool. It might not be until October though…;)

When I posted my 37 week update last week, I had actually been having regular contractions for a couple hours. Every 8-10 minutes. I've had periods of contractions like that before, sometimes even closer together...although not for that long. I kept waiting for them to slow down or stop, and I avoided calling the doctor because 1) I don't freak out about stuff unless there is unbearable pain or bleeding involved, 2) I wasn't feeling any extra pain in my cervix during the actual contractions (but hell yeah my cervix hurt every time I stood up), and 3) I knew I was going back to see Dr. H the following morning.

To make a long story short, here's the timeline of what happened:
  • 9:30pm - I was about to go to bed but decided to call the doctor just in case…since the contractions were still coming regularly 6 hours later. Dr. H answered (which was amazing because he shares call with a lot of doctors) and he told me to go to Labor and Delivery…although we both weren't convinced it was necessary.
  • 10:30pm - Logan met me at the hospital (he had been at work). Got hooked up to the monitor.
  • 11:30pm - Nurse called Dr. H to update him. She brought me the phone to talk to him and it ended with "How do you feel about just having this baby?" Contractions were coming every 4-7 minutes and he didn't want it to progress any further with the cerclage still in.
All ready for the C-section. I was just a tad excited to meet Chase (and not be pregnant anymore)!
  • 12:20am - Made our way to the OR
  • 12:51am - Chase is here!

So yeah. Things happened pretty quickly and Logan and I kept looking at each other like, we're about to have a baby! OMG. And then, we have a baby! OMG. But I have to say the timing was absolutely perfect (other than the fact that nobody was able to come to the hospital in the middle of the night except one friend). Seriously. I would list all the reasons why but that would take too long…just know that God took care of everything. As He always does.

And I just have to say that my placenta came out just fine and didn't look abnormal to anyone in the OR. Chase came out butt first and was stuck, and Dr. H said it was a good thing there was another doctor with him to help get Chase out (Dr. C had insisted there be 2 doctors in case my placenta didn't come out and I had bleeding issues). And even though Dr. H was able to get my cerclage out afterwards this time, he said there was no way he would have been able to do it in the office (like we had planned to do the following morning). 

Chase did have a lot of fluid that needed to be suctioned once he came out, but I was still able to do skin-to-skin in the OR. He also had temperature issues, which meant I didn't get to see him in recovery as soon as I would have liked (they wanted to get his temp up in the nursery), and he does have some jaundice, but other than that, Chase is totally fine.

My recovery from the C-section hasn't been very fun. Extra tugging/pulling during surgery = extra soreness for momma. But thankfully my mom is here to help this week and Logan is taking a few days off next week.

Landon is doing really well with having a new baby around. At first he just did his own thing and would occasionally go up to Chase and pat his belly, but in the last day or so he's starting to be more interested in his little brother. Take this picture, for example:

Proud big brother right there. I tried getting Landon to sit in the recliner to take a picture with Chase but he insisted on sitting by Marley instead.

I guess that's enough of an update for now. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your prayers during the last  several months. It really is hard to believe that we have a healthy little boy after all of the pregnancy issues. As far as I'm concerned, Chase is our little miracle. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our week in pictures: baby edition

We watched our friends' 2 dogs and Landon was loving it

Baby Chase arrived!
It's hard work being a big brother

Going home!
Cuddling the first morning at home
Landon being sweet. Totally unprompted :)

I fully plan on writing a birth story, hopefully soon. Just saying. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Expect the unexpected


Chase Michael 
7/9/14 12:51am
7 lbs 11 oz, 19.5 in

We are doing well! Details will come :)


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