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Sunday, January 18, 2015

2014 Recap (better late than never)

I narrowed it down to less pictures than I did last year. You're welcome. But I did kind of write up a recap of each month and linked back to previous posts. So if you want to relive our up-and-down year, here you go! (I just have to say that I totally forgot how stressed and emotional I was when I was pregnant! Ah! So crazy.)

I forgot how hard of a month this was! A troubling ultrasound, finding Logan passed out in the bathroom (he had tests done and nothing came back), car troubles, financial issues, getting a cerclage. But we survived!
 My friends have an annual Christmas/Epiphany party
Because of that troubling ultrasound, I had to take a blood test to check on our baby in utero, so we got to find out the gender super early (13 weeks)! Our Mardi Gras gender reveal was super fun :) And then getting a cerclage was not so fun.

Nothing really happened in February, other than your typical share-too-much baby update or two. So here are a couple pictures of Landon from the month. Oh, I did blog 7 days in a row for the first time ever!

Well, apparently this is the month I went crazy, as documented here and here.
 But we did have fun at a Mardi Gras parade!
Logan and I went on a much-needed marriage retreat. Do yourself a favor and go on one.

 Couples date night with some of the coolest ladies I know
 Easter joy
Landon's first movie at the theater! (The blog post was in May but we technically went in April)

Logan and I celebrated 10 years from the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. Lots of embarrassing pictures in that one. And shout-out to my friends for throwing me a baby sprinkle!
 We actually ventured out to the park one day.
Memorial Day was spent at our friends' house!

This is always a big month for us…Landon's birthday, our anniversary, Father's Day. So much fun to be had. Well, except for my pregnancy drama.
 This little guy turned 2 years old!
 His birthday party was so much fun!
 Our 5-year anniversary date!
 I made it to 34 weeks of pregnancy!
Landon's first trip to the zoo

After an emotional day, Chase ended up surprising us by coming a little early. Details here.

Chase was welcomed into the Church!

I had the fewest blog posts this month out of the whole year because we were BUSY. Taking care of a newborn and toddler, in charge of a silent auction, and I don't remember what else.
Landon started SoccerTots, which he loved!
Another busy month. But at least it included a week-long vacation!
Going to the beach!
This was Landon's 3rd trip to the beach and by far his favorite!
Lots of craziness in one condo but oh, so much fun :)
My goddaughter was baptized!
Our silent auction was at the beginning of October so we enjoyed the rest of the month and had lots of family time and did some house projects, like organizing the laundry room. I thought a lot about how thankful I was for my babies.
Avisit to the pumpkin patch

Logan was doing some yard work and did a little autumn decorating so we had a little photo-op

Lots of good things happened this month despite me feeling overwhelmed with life. We visited my parents for a few days and we started updating our upstairs bathroom (which still isn't 100% finished, but it is functional!).
Our first date without Chase...TobyMac concert!

 We took some family pictures!

This was a very full but fun month for us! I actually had some serious blog posts - about not comparing crosses, marriage being hard, and remembering Levi 5 years later.
 We brought the boys to the aquarium for the first time and also to Celebration in the Oaks
All the kiddos had so much fun for Christmas 
Chase's first Christmas!
I love my family!

Whew. That too long. It's so fun to look back at the year and see that we actually survived! Which is why I love blogging. :)


  1. I can't believe Landon knew where everything went AND that you needed certain items for cooking. Genius kid, I tell ya.

  2. Just think, almost a year ago, we were all fervently praying with news that Chase may have Down syndrome, or a heart condition, or, or, or... and today he's a happy healthy little bundle of cuteness!


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