"When a soul recognises the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely, then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances." - Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Friday, January 16, 2015

7 Quick Takes (vol.17)

1. This week is the first week in 2 months I actually feel like my head is above water…and I blame most of that on the fact that Logan is actually working (mostly) normal hours. Well, that and the fact that the holidays are OVER.

2. Landon. This kid is too much sometimes. Last night I told him we were going to make eggs for dinner (my fallback when Logan works the evening shift), and then I got the pan out of the clean dishwasher. Next thing you know, this:

Yes, he was unloading the dishwasher. Not kidding. And then to make it even better, after I poured the eggs in the pan, I started looking for the spatula in the dishwasher…and realized Landon had put it right next to the pan. Because he is just so darn observant and knows that's what I need to cook eggs.

3. I haven't gotten into the whole podcast thing, but when I found out Hallie Lord was on the new Fountains of Carrots podcast episode talking about marriage, I was all like, yes! Must listen! And it was so good. You should listen

And now I need to listen to the first 6 episodes!

4. So. I have realized how much better my day goes when I actually take the time to listen to a podcast or a talk on some kind of Catholic topic. Sometimes I listen while I fold clothes, but yesterday I realized it's just so much better to sit and listen with both boys next to me. Then they're happy and feeling loved and I can listen in peace (with an earbud in one ear)!
I put on a movie for Landon so he was happy, Chase was being held so he was happy, and I had quiet time so I was happy. :) #winning

5. The other thing I listened to this week was Dr. Brant Pitre's talk, The Dark Night of the Soul. His CD set on Spiritual Theology is amazing and I find the stages of the spiritual life really interesting. Well, I was blown away by The Dark Night. We should want to do our suffering here instead of purgatory! 
"Even as spirits are purged in the next life with dark material fire, so in this life they are purged and cleansed with the dark spiritual fire of love. The difference is that in the next life they are cleansed with fire, while here below they are cleansed and illumined with love only." -St. John of the Cross
Mind blown. I could talk about this forever but I may sound crazy so you should just buy the MP3 (or CD). [I'm not being paid to say that :)]

6. My prayer life has been slacking lately and I just really have no excuse for it (well, I've made excuses, but you know what I mean). And it has occurred to me that listening to spiritual talks and reading spiritual things sends a lot of graces your way. I could feel it this week. And I am so inspired! And now I'm preparing for satan to try and mess that up because that's what he does….ain't happening though. St. Michael, defend us!

7. Look at my cute baby who can sit up by himself but still refuses to roll from back to stomach.

Go see the hilarious Kelly for more!

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