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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our week in pictures: boys, boys, boys

He was way too happy for his doctor's appt (6-month well visit)
Big brother tagged along with us for moral support
We now have a little school area where our Christmas tree used to be
My heart is fulllllll
This kid could fall asleep anywhere
Sleepover with cousins! 4 boys!
Did I mention there's a house being built next door? Like 20 feet away. Yeah. At least the boys are entertained by it...
I tried to get him to feed himself the banana but he was not getting it
But thankfully I had one of these babies! Kidsme food feeder. Soooo much easier to clean than those ones with the netting!
Chase's hair makes me laugh like 10 times a day
Life is rough sometimes
Birthday party fun!
Ah, so funny. Chase is (mostly) loving the solids! That's our good friend, Lindsey, holding him (Chase's godmother!)
…meanwhile, on the other side of the table

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