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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Our week in pictures: family time, crazy hair, and cute kids

A little family bonding time outside

I don't really care for either of the teams in the Super Bowl this year so I decided we'll just be Saints fans (despite their terrible season) #whodat

Roasting marshmallows!
This dude just does not like to be on his stomach. Which I'm kind of okay with because it means he's not the least bit interested in crawling...
My kids just can't resist a ride in the stroller or the car. (Check out that cute onesie! My sister made it)

WE FINALLY HAVE A MIRROR! Bathroom still isn't done but I don't care! Because at least I have a mirror!

I was puking my brains out upstairs (not kidding, stomach bug SUCKS) while Logan was making a speedboat out of cardboard downstairs. Apparently I'm married to the most creative man on the planet.
Seriously, I love this baby boy
…even though I have no idea what to do with this hair. What in the world will it look like by the time his birthday rolls around?!
He is sooo proud that he can sit up by himself. He doesn't even fall over anymore! Unless he's tired. Then he falls backwards (thank you for preventing injury, boppy).

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